Heidi Burton Voice Lessons at Woodrow Wilson High School

General Info:  Lock in lessons now during class at school!  Voice lessons are offered  in my rehearsal room (thank you Ms. Dickerson!) in the Woodrow Choir Room.  Your spot is confirmed once you commit to your time for the semester and it will be yours either every week or every other week.  See below to sign up for a time.  

Cost:  $60 for 45 minutes
​           $40 for 30 minutes
           Financial assistance available

Payment:  I take Venmo, Paypal, cash, and check.  I bill after each lesson.  
Venmo:  @Heidi-Burton
Paypal:  @heidiburtonvoice


Choose lessons on Day 1 or choose lessons on Day 2 of your performing arts elective class.  For Example, if you are in Variations, you choose Variations Day 1 from the sign up genius and come either every week or every other week on the first day of Variations that week.  

Sign Up Here: